Super and Broken Work Patterns

Super and Broken Work Patterns

November 1995

© Commonwealth of Australia 1995

ISBN 0 642 24413 8

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Chapter One: Inquiry Background (PDF format)

Chapter Two: Women in the workforce: how, when and why (PDF format)

Chapter Three: Income in retirement (PDF format)

Chapter Four: Occupational link (PDF format)

Chapter Five: Tax and super (PDF format)

Chapter Six: Choice of fund (PDF format)

Chapter Seven: Discrimination, the Sex Discrimination Act and Superannuation (PDF format)

Chapter Eight: Annuities for women (PDF format)

Chapter Nine: It's time to get a super education! (PDF format)

Chapter Ten: Female trustees (PDF format)

Chapter Eleven: Spouse contributions - putting super eggs in two baskets (PDF format)

Chapter Twelve: Buying back superannuation entitlements: the marriage bar and other discriminatory practices (PDF format)

Chapter Thirteen: Super and divorce (PDF format)

Chapter Fourteen: Marital status and other relationships (PDF format)

Chapter Fifteen: Moving the goal posts - increasing the pension age for women (PDF format)


Appendix A: List of written submissions (PDF format)

Appendix B: List of witnesses at public hearings (PDF format)

Appendix C: List of committee reports (PDF format)