Super Supervision Bills

Super Supervision Bills

October 1993

© Commonwealth of Australia 1993

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Chapter 1: Introduction - (PDF format)

Chapter 2: The SIS Bills: An Overview - (PDF format)

Chapter 3: Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Bill 1993 - (PDF format)

Chapter 4: Clause 64 - Prohibition on Superannuation Funds Acquiring Assets from Members or Relatives - (PDF format)

Chapter 5: Public Offer Funds - Clause 18 - (PDF format)

Chapter 6: Funds Managers and Custodians - (PDF format)

Chapter 7: Auditors and Actuaries - (PDF format)

Chapter 8: Regulated Superannuation Funds - (PDF format)

Chapter 9: Tax File Numbers - (PDF format)

Chapter 10: State Superannuation Schemes - (PDF format)

Chapter 11: ISC Powers and Co-ordination of Comonwealth Powers - (PDF format)

Chapter 12: Technical Matters - (PDF format)

Chapter 13: The Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Consequential Amendments Bills 1993 - (PDF format)

Chapter 14: Introduction to Cojnsumer Matters - (PDF format)

Chapter 15: The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal - (PDF format)

Chapter 16: Issues: The Complaint - (PDF format)

Chapter 17: Issues: Legal Representation and Consumer Assistance - (PDF format)

Chapter 18: Other Consumer Issues - (PDF format)

Minority Report by Government Members: Senators Childs, Evans and West - (PDF format)


Appendix A: List of Comittee Reports - (PDF format)

Appendix B: List of Written Submissions - (PDF format)

Appendix C: List of Witnesses at Public Hearings - (PDF format)

Appendix D: Draft Amendment to Clause 64 Prepared for Senator Watson - (PDF format)

Appendix E: Freehill's Advice on Public Offer Funds Transitional Provisions - (PDF format)

Appendix F: Attorney General's Department Opinion on Public Offer Funds Transitional Provisions - (PDF format)

Appendix G: AIMG Draft Practice Note on Soft Dollar Dealings - (PDF format)

Appendix H: Attorney General's Department Advice on Application of Corporations Powers - (PDF format)

Appendix I: Prime Minister's Letter to State Premiers - (PDF format)

Appendix J: Glossary of Terms - (PDF format)