Super Guarantee Bills

Super Guarantee Bills

June 1992

© Commonwealth of Australia 1992

ISBN 0 642 18035 0

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Chapter 1: Introduction - (PDF format)

Chapter 2: Description of the SGL - (PDF format)

Chapter 3: Rationale for the SGL (PDF format)

Chapter 4: Targets, Timetables and Levels of Contribution - (PDF format)

Chapter 5: Compliance and Coverage - (PDF format)

Chapter 6: Economic Impact - (PDF format)

Chapter 7: Interaction of SGL with Social Security - (PDF format)

Chapter 8: State Governments - (PDF format)

Chapter 9: Amendments put to the Committee by Organisations and Individuals - (PDF format)

Chapter 10: Recommendations - (PDF format)

Minority Report by Senators Alston and Watson - (PDF format)

Minority Report by Senator Kernot - (PDF format)


Appendix A: Terms of reference of on-going inquiry - (PDF format)

Appendix B: List of Witnesses - (PDF format)

Appendix C: List of Submissions re SGL inquiry- (PDF format)

Appendix D: List of Submissions re on-going inquiry - (PDF format)

Appendix E: Government amendments as moved in the House of Representatives - (PDF format)

Appendix F: Government response to the issues raised by the Australian Democrats - (PDF format)

Appendix G: Glossary - (PDF format)