Safeguarding Super

Safeguarding Super

The Regulation of Superannuation

June 1992

© Commonwealth of Australia 1992

ISBN 0 642 17563 2

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Chapter 1: Introduction - (PDF format)
Terms of Reference
Conduct of the Inquiry
Reporting Strategy
Notation Used in this Report

Chapter 2: Retirement Incomes in Australia - (PDF format)
The Growth and Composition of Superannuation Funds

Chapter 3: Constitutional Arrangements - (PDF format)
The Problem
The Current Regulatory Regime
The Scope for Wider Powers
Longer Term Measures

Chapter 4: Regulation of Superannuation Funds - Part One - (PDF format) - Part Two - (PDF format)
What is Prudential Supervision?
Current Arrangements
Proposed New Framework

Chapter 5: Trustee Representation - (PDF format)
Member Representation
Independent Trustees and Custodial Trustees
Master Trusts

Chapter 6: Surpluses and Inactive Accounts - (PDF format)
Surpluses in Defined Benefti Funds
Surpluses in Accumulation Schemes - Lost or Inactive Members

Chapter 7: In-House Asset Rule - (PDF format)

Chapter 8: Regulation of Fund Managers - (PDF format)
Entry Requirements
Concentration of Funds Management Activities
Role of Advisers
Accountability to Trustees and Members

Chapter 9: Investment by Superannuation Funds - (PDF format)
Development and Venture Capital
Conclusions Regarding Development Capital and Infrastructure Investment
Overseas Investment

Chapter 10: Institutional Competition - (PDF format)
Approved Deposit Funds and Deferred Annuities
Bank Account Superannuation
Pension and Annuity Providers

Chapter 11: Dispute Resolution Mechanisms - (PDF format)
The Perceived Need
Possible Models
Dispute Minimisation and Resolution
Internal Review
External Review

Minority Report: Report by Senator Kernot on Chapter 9 - Investment by Superannuation Funds - (PDF format)


Appendix 1: List of Submissions - (PDF format)

Appendix 2: Witnesses Who Appeared Before the Committee - (PDF format)

Appendix 3: Retirement Income Stream Account (RISA) - (PDF format)