ABC Employment Contracts and their confidentiality

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ABC Employment Contracts and their confidentiality

December 1986

© Commonwealth of Australia 1986
ISBN 0 644 05892 7

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Members of the Committee (PDF 75KB)
1 Introduction (PDF 679KB)
Conduct of inquiry
2 Contract employment in the ABC (PDF 1808KB)
Contract employment in the ABC
Guidelines and policy on contract employment in the ABC
The ABC employment profile
3 Confidentiality of ABC contracts (PDF 1195KB)
4 The contract between the ABC and Ms Doogue (PDF 1200KB)
The provisions of the Doogue contract
The up-front payment clause
The non-disclosure clause
5 Accountability of the ABC to the Parliament and its Committees (PDF 631KB)
6 Summary of conclusions (PDF 397KB)
Qualifyiog comments by Sena tor A. Vanstone and Senator J. Short (PDF 217KB)
Appendix (PDF 115KB)
List of witnesses
List of organisations and individuals who assisted the Committee's inquiry