List of Recommendations

List of Recommendations

Recommendation 1

2.104  The committee recommends that the Auditor-General investigate the use of private emails by CSIRO, as part of its processes to determine staffing reductions, in order to establish whether the CSIRO Executive has met its record keeping obligations in managing a significant restructure.

Recommendation 2

2.105  The committee recommends that the CSIRO Board delays the implementation of the proposed job cuts and undertakes a thorough review of the deep dive process and outcomes in light of the evidence received by this committee and feedback from staff and stakeholders.

Recommendation 3

2.106  The committee recommends that the government direct the CSIRO to cease implementation of its proposed restructure in light of the upcoming election and evidence that the alternative government would set different priorities for CSIRO through the Statement of Expectations process.

Recommendation 4

3.95    The committee recommends that a suitable independent agency by tasked with investigating the economic value of CSIRO climate measurement and research, including the return on investment for Australia and the benefits of better timed and placed adaptation and mitigation measures.

Recommendation 5

3.96    The committee recommends that the Department of Defence reports to the Minister of Defence and the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science on the future ocean intelligence requirements needed to maintain tactical advantages for all its operations, including the entire operating life of the future submarine fleet.

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