This Delegated Legislation Monitor for 2009 is a consolidated edition of all of the Monitors that are produced in respect of each sitting week of the Senate during the calendar year. The format of the consolidation is similar to that of the weekly Monitors, setting out details of all disallowable instruments of delegated legislation tabled in the Senate. These details include the enabling Act under which each instrument is made, the date it was made, the date of tabling in the Senate and House of Representatives, the Department of State through which the Minister administers the enabling Act, and a short summary of its subject matter.

During 2009 a total of 3265 disallowable instruments were tabled in the Senate. These instruments were made under the authority of 233 separate enabling Acts, administered by 20 Departments of State.

Of the 3265 instruments tabled in 2009, 365 or 11 per cent, were Regulations.

The Monitor contains the following information:

Abbreviations used for citing tabling dates is as follows:

              S     =     Senate

              HR =     House of Representatives

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