Chapter 3

Reporting during non-sitting periods

Recommendation 1

3.35    That the committee should consider and publish its comments during
non-sitting periods in appropriate cases.

Chapter 4

Notifying the Senate of a failure to respond to the committee

Recommendation 2

4.11    That the committee should, in appropriate cases, after a reasonable period of time and after advising the relevant minister of its intention, notify the Senate of any instance of a failure to respond to a request for information relevant to Senate standing order 24(1).

Recommendation 3

4.12    That Senate standing order 24(1) be amended to confirm that the committee should take the action described in the preceding recommendation.

Permanent inquiry powers

Recommendation 4

4.22    That Senate standing order 24 be amended to provide the committee with permanent public inquiry powers in line with the relevant paragraphs of Senate standing order 25 relating to legislative and general purpose standing committees.

Technical amendment relating to 'provisions of bills'

Recommendation 5

4.29    That Senate standing order 24(1)(a) is amended to include a reference to the committee reporting in respect of the 'provisions of bills introduced in the Parliament'.

General committee powers

Recommendation 6

4.31    That Senate standing order 24 be amended to provide that the Scrutiny of Bills Committee deputy chair is elected rather than appointed (in line with Senate standing order paragraphs 25(9)(a) and 25(9)(b)).

Recommendation 7

4.32    That Senate standing order 24 be amended in line with Senate standing orders 25(16) in relation to printing and 25(19) in relation to broadcasting.

Chapter 5

Framework bills

Recommendation 8

5.15    That Senate standing order 24 be amended to specifically include the scrutiny of bills which excessively rely on delegated legislation for their operation.

Recommendation 9

5.16    That Scrutiny of Bills Committee develops guidelines in relation to the appropriate level of detail required in primary legislation.

Recommendation 10

5.27    That the Senate Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills and the Regulations and Ordinances Committee consider issues relating to the scrutiny of delegated legislation discussed in this report, including the scrutiny of draft delegated legislation, to develop a response to these matters.

Chapter 6

Uniform (or national scheme) legislation

Recommendation 11

6.18    The committee recommends that where there is a proposal for uniform legislation, amendments to uniform legislation or delegated legislation and the nature of the proposal means that the ability of the Senate and its committees to effectively scrutinise ad amend the relevant proposal is limited, exposure drafts should be provided as soon as practicable to this committee, the relevant legislative and general purpose standing committee, and the Senate Regulations and Ordinances Committee if the proposal includes delegated legislation. All relevant information about the proposal, including any formal agreements or correspondence should also be provided to the committees to assist in their consideration of the exposure drafts.

Recommendation 12

6.19    That standing order 24 be examined to confirm whether the Scrutiny of Bills Committee is empowered to consider, advise and report on exposure drafts and associated information and, if it is not, that standing order 24 be amended to allow the committee to do so.

Chapter 7

Comments on bills

Recommendation 13

7.11    That the Senate refers to the Procedure Committee the Scrutiny of Bills committee's request that standing order 24 be amended to provide that the committee's comments on bills stand referred to legislation committees inquiring into those bills.

Scrutiny resources

Recommendation 14

7.25    That the committee develop checklists, guidelines and other supporting documents as appropriate and continues to implement improvements to its use of technology in raising awareness of the committee's work.

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