Submissions received by the Committee

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1WWF-Australia (PDF 504 KB) 
2Cotton Australia (PDF 206 KB) 
3Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (PDF 426 KB) 
4Ricegrowers' Association of Australia (PDF 441 KB) 
5Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (PDF 10445 KB) 
6EDO Australia (PDF 304 KB) 
7Australian Dairy Industry Council  (PDF 136 KB) 
8Australian Conservation Foundation & Environment Victoria (PDF 135 KB) 
9Murray Irrigation (PDF 104 KB) 
10NSW Aboriginal Land Council (PDF 2841 KB) 
11Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (PDF 313 KB) 
12Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (PDF 247 KB) 
13Victorian Farmers Federation (PDF 175 KB) 
14National Farmers' Federation (PDF 28 KB) 
15New South Wales Irrigators' Council (PDF 175 KB) 

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