Appendix 1

Appendix 1

Submissions received

1 Mr Ken Grundy
2 Engineers Australia
3 Associate Professor Philip Laird
4 Mr David Lamb
5 Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
6 Gas Energy Australia
7 Australian Trucking Association
8 AGL Energy Ltd
9 National Farmers' Federation
10 APA Group
12 The University of Queensland
13 Tasmanian Department of State Growth
14 Australian Automobile Association
15 Queensland Resources Council
16 Premier Engineering Services Pty Ltd
17 Australian Institute of Petroleum
18 National Roads and Motorists’ Association
19 Fusion Australia Ltd
20 The Australian Workers' Union
21 Maritime Union of Australia
22 Queensland Government
23 Truck Industry Council
24 Mr Christopher Blackburn
25 Qantas Airways Limited
26 Caltex
27 Mobil Oil Australia
28 Southern Oil Refining
29 Energy Supply Association of Australia
30 BP Australia
31 Mobile LNG
32 Biofuels Association of Australia
33 Australian Coal To Liquids Association
34 Viva Energy Australia
35 Board of Airline Representatives of Australia
36 Mr Geoffrey Miell
37 Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association
38 Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil
39 Mr Matt Mushalik
40 Queensland Energy Resources Pty Ltd
41 Department of Industry and Science

Additional information received

Tabled documents

Monday, 2 February 2015, Sydney, NSW

  • Tabled by Mr Andrew White, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, AUSVEG. Australian vegetable growing farms: An economic survey, 2012 – 13 and 2013 – 14
  • Tabled by Mr Andrew Warrell, Chair, Australian Institute of Petroleum. Facts about the Australian transport fuels market.
  • Tabled by Mr Ian Bray, Assistant National Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia.
  • Tabled by Mr Michael Carmody, Chief Executive Officer, Gas Energy Australia. Opening statement.
  • Tabled by Mr Andrew White, Founder and Managing Director, Mobile LNG.
  • Tabled by Mr Graham Blight, Fuel Security and Alternative Fuels Ambassador, National Roads and Motorists’ Association.

Thursday, 9 April 2015, Melbourne VIC

  • Tabled by Dr Penny Howard, Nation Research Officer, Maritime Union of Australia. Australian Fuel Security and the Increasing Need for Clean Petroleum Tankers: An Overview of Maritime Issues Impacting the Security if Supply Chains.
  • Tabled by Mr Graham Blight, Fuel Ambassador, National Roads and Motorists' Association. Three case studies: Israel, Finland and Norway.
  • Tabled by Mr Mark McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association. Petroleum Market in Australia and the APAC Region.
  • Tabled by Mr Matt Mushalik. Additional Information to the Senate Inquiry on Transport Energy Resilience.

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