Membership of the committee

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Membership of the committee

Senator Glenn Sterle, Chair Western Australia, ALP
Senator the Hon Bill Heffernan, Deputy Chair New South Wales, LP
Senator Joe Bullock Western Australia, ALP
Senator Sue Lines Western Australia, ALP
Senator John Williams New South Wales, NATS
Senator Peter Whish-Wilson Tasmania, AG
Other Senators participating in this inquiry  
Senator Matthew Canavan Queensland, NATS
Senator the Hon Ian Macdonald Queensland, LP
Senator Barry O'Sullivan Queensland, NATS
Senator Rachel Siewert Western Australia, AG


Mr Tim Watling, Secretary
Dr Jane Thomson, Principal Research Officer
Ms Erin East, Principal Research Officer (from 27 October 2014)
Ms Bonnie Allan, Principal Research Officer (from 2 January 2015)
Ms Trish Carling, Senior Research Officer
Ms Kate Campbell, Research Officer
Ms Lauren Carnevale, Administrative Officer

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Fax: 02 6277 5811

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