List of recommendations

List of recommendations

Recommendation 1

2.59    The committee recommends the Senate pass Schedule 1 of the bill in its current form.

Recommendation 2

2.60    The committee recommends the Department of Agriculture liaise with RDCs prior to attending meetings of the relevant international commodities organisation and regional fisheries organisations and report back to the RDCs on meeting outcomes and the benefits derived from ongoing membership.

Recommendation 3

2.61    The committee recommends the Government monitor the impact of the cost recovery requirement on the capacity of the Fisheries RDC to continue to support research and development within the fisheries industry.

Recommendation 4

2.77    The committee recommends the Senate pass Part 2 (Item 9), Schedule 2 of the bill, which would remove the requirement for an annual coordination meeting of statutory RDCs.

Recommendation 5

2.78    The committee recommends the Government amend Part 1, Schedule 2 of the bill to require all RDCs to table corporate documents in Parliament. 

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