Oversight of Airservices Australia

Background Information

  • In May 2020, Airservices released the report A Review of Culture at Airservices Australia, following a broad and independent review of the workplace culture undertaken by Elizabeth Broderick & Co. (PDF)
  • Correspondence to Senator Susan McDonald from Mr Jason Harfield, Cheif Executive Officer of Airservices Australia. Received by the secretariat on 21 August 2020. (PDF)

Public Hearing

  • Friday 28 August 2020, Parliament House, Canberra - Program (PDF) - Transcript (PDF)
  • Opening statement provided by Airservices Australia. Tabled at 28 August 2020 public hearing in Canberra. (PDF)
  • Questions taken on notice by Airservices Australia. Recieved on 11 September 2020. (PDF)