Additional comments by Labor Senators

Labor Senators support the passage of the Export Control Bill 2019, the Export Control (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2019, the Export Charges (Imposition—Customs) Amendment Bill 2019, the Export Charges (Imposition—Excise) Amendment Bill 2019 and the Export Charges (Imposition—General) Amendment Bill 2019.
However, Labor shares the concerns raised by submitters, particularly from the Citrus Industry and the Red Meat Advisory Council, about the compliance costs of meeting regulatory and operational requirements, such as preparing for audits and addressing documentation requirements.
Labor further criticises the Government for delaying the progress of the Export Bill which was originally introduced into the Senate on 7 December 2017. The Bill lapsed as there were a number of issues relating to the original drafting of the Bill. This delay, according to the Department's submission, has potentially cost businesses in order of $388,000 per year, if the Regulation Impact Statement is correct in claiming that the Bill ‘will deliver reductions in regulatory burden for businesses in the order of $388,000 year in total’.
The Liberal/National Governments continue to fail to progress agriculturerelated legislation through the Parliament in a timely manner and this has a direct cost to agriculture sectors.
Labor urges the Morrison Government to work closely with agriculture sectors during the development of commodity-specific rules, as this is where the majority of the specific export regulations and related costs will be applied.
Senator Glenn Sterle
Deputy Chair

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