List of Recommendations

List of Recommendations

Recommendation 1

3.31       The committee recommends that the federal government consider developing a statement of ethics that would apply to all Australian participants in sports.   

Recommendation 2

3.38       The committee recommends that tertiary institutions offering sports science courses include topics on ethics, which should refer to the duty of care of sports scientists to athletes and the importance of protecting athlete health and welfare.

Recommendation 3

3.40       The committee recommends that sporting organisations and/or clubs provide all athletes entering professional and/or high‑performance sports programs with specific training on sports ethics, integrity issues and their rights and responsibilities in relation to their long-term health and welfare.

Recommendation 4

4.11    The committee recommends that detailed consideration by the Australian Government of introducing new regulations for sports scientists in Australia be delayed until such time as the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and/or the Australian Crime Commission have finalised their current investigations into the alleged use of drugs in Australian sport.

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