Submissions received by the Committee

Air Navigation and Civil Aviation Amendment (Aircraft Crew) Bill 2011; Qantas Sale Amendment (Still Call Australia Home) Bill 2011

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Australian Airline Pilots' Association (AusALPA) (PDF 191KB) 
2Qantas Airways Ltd (PDF 1898KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 2585KB) 
3Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) (PDF 62KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 305KB) 
4Australian and International Pilots' Association (PDF 788KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 718KB) 
5Virgin Australia (PDF 6123KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 170KB) 
6Australian Services Union (PDF 68KB) 
7Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) (PDF 1107KB) 
8Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport (PDF 231KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 930KB) 
9Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 820KB) 
10Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) (PDF 249KB) 
11Aviation Economics (PDF 211KB) 
12Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers' Association (ALAEA) (PDF 1470KB) 
13Ms Monique Neeteson-Lemkes (PDF 95KB) 

Form Letters Received

1Form Letter 1(PDF 55KB) 
2Form Letter 1 - List of Submitters(PDF 48KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Documents tabled at public hearing on 4 November 2011 in Canberra(PDF 245KB) 
2Documents tabled at public hearing on 24 November 2011 in Canberra(PDF 174KB) 
3Documents tabled at public hearing on 6 February 2012 in Canberra(PDF 4040KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Answers to questions taken on notice at the public hearing in Canberra on 4 November 2011(PDF 4636KB) 
2Answers to questions taken on notice at the public hearing in Canberra on 24 November 2011(PDF 998KB) 
3Answers to written questions on notice by Committee, March 2012(PDF 15KB) 

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