Submissions received by the Committee

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.  
1 LM & PC Webb (PDF 295KB)
2 Department of Health & Aging (DOHA) (PDF 42KB); Attachment A (PDF 332KB); Attachment B (PDF 327KB)
3 Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) (PDF 106KB)
4 Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (DAFF) (PDF 1004KB)
5 Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) (PDF 177KB)
6 Australian Beef Association (ABA) (PDF 160KB); Supplementary Submission (PDF 24KB); Attachment (PDF 367KB)
7 Mr Robert Steel (PDF 1005KB); Supplementary Submission (PDF 837KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 5775KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 784KB); Supplementary Submission 2 (PDF 9334KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 1197KB)
8 Mr Paul & Ms Anne Jones (PDF 5KB)
9 Ms Jillian Moverley (PDF 27KB)
10 Alex Hodges & Ray Linkevics (PDF 379KB)
11 Mr Angelo Saccon (PDF 3KB)
12 Ms Anne Thomson (PDF 26KB)
13 Mr Michael Delahunty (PDF 19KB)
14 Mr Tony Wade (PDF 3KB)
15 Delcie McCoy (PDF 160KB)
16 Mr James Ayliffe (PDF 29KB)
17 Mr Peter Hall (PDF 109KB)
18 Hon Bob Katter MP (PDF 142KB)
19 Harlie Smith (PDF 5KB)
20 Mr Ron Moore (PDF 4KB)
21 Ms Kirrily Smith (PDF 6KB)
22 Mr Gordon Moore (PDF 4KB)
23 Ms Gwen Moore (PDF 3KB)
24 Mr Marshall Fittler (PDF 36KB)
25 Ms Tegan Smith (PDF 3KB)
26 Mr Josh Smith (PDF 3KB)
27 Mr Ron & Ms Colleen Dean (PDF 3KB)
28 Name Withheld (PDF 6KB)
29 Mr Darryl Smith (PDF 4KB)
30 Mr Jim O'Neill (PDF 4KB)
31 Ms Karen Smith (PDF 4KB)
32 Mr Simon Emmott (PDF 5KB)
33 Devon Cattle Breeders Society of Australia (DCBSA) (PDF 6KB)
34 Mr Newman Patmore (PDF 4KB)
35 Dr Alan Fahey (PDF 8KB)
36 Council for the National Interest - Western Australian Committee (PDF 273KB)


Correspondence Received


Jan & Garry Doherty (PDF 3KB)

2 Karen Smith (PDF 6KB)
3 Ian & Judy Duley (PDF 7KB)

Mike Kena (PDF 7KB)


Paulene & Patrick Hertslet (PDF 5KB)

6 Jayne Moran (PDF 17KB)
7 Malcolm J Cock (PDF 23KB)
8 Lenore Anderson (PDF 5KB)
9 L & J Wallace (PDF 4KB)

N L Nowlan, R & L Owen, T Owen, Lance McInnes (PDF 5KB)


Mark Foreman (PDF 5KB)

12 Lorraine Rhodes-Roberts & Des Roberts (PDF 6KB)
13 Neil Lunney (PDF 32KB)
14 David Bassed (PDF 54KB)

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