Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

13 June 2018–Sydney

Members in attendance: Senators Anning, Leyonhjelm, Watt.


ADLER, Ms Melissa, Executive Director, Industrial Relations and Legal Services, Housing Industry Association

CAMPITELLI, Mrs Sandra, Chief Executive Officer, The Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association

COAD, Ms Melissa, Executive Projects Coordinator, United Voice

CORNAH, Ms Penny, Secretary, Master Plumbers Australia

COSTA, Mr Thomas, Assistant Secretary, Unions NSW; and Australian Council of Trade Unions

CUNNINGTON, Mr Matthew, Member, Australian Tattooists Guild

EDWARDS, Ms Tashi Melissa, Vice President, Australian Tattooists Guild

GORDON, Mr Rhys, Member, Australian Tattooists Guild

HICKS, Mr Allen, National Secretary, Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union

LAMBERT, Ms Jenny, Director, Employment, Education and Training, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

NARDI, Mr Angus, Executive Director, Shopping Centre Council of Australia

ROZNER, Mr Gideon, Research Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs

WILD, Mr Daniel, Research Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs

WOLFE, Mr Graham, Deputy Managing Director, Housing Industry Association

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