The effect of red tape on childcare

As part of its inquiry into the effect of red tape on the economy and community, the committee will examine the effect of red tape on childcare, in particular:

  1. the effects on compliance costs (in hours and money), economic output, employment and government revenue;
  2. any specific areas of red tape that are particularly burdensome, complex, redundant or duplicated across jurisdictions;
  3. the impact on health, safety and economic opportunity, particularly for the low-skilled and disadvantaged;
  4. the effectiveness of the Abbott, Turnbull and previous governments' efforts to reduce red tape;
  5. alternative institutional arrangements to reduce red tape, including providing subsidies or tax concessions to businesses to achieve outcomes currently achieved through regulation;
  6. how different jurisdictions in Australia and internationally have attempted to reduce red tape; and
  7. any related matters.

The committee calls for submissions on the effect of red tape on childcare.

The closing date for submissions is 20 March 2018 with a reporting date of 15 August 2018..

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