Submissions received

Inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009

Submissions received

Submissions are organised as follows:

A record number of submissions were received by the committee, and it is not physically possible to publish them all because of resource limitations. However, a broad selection of submissions are now available by following the links to the appropriate part of the web page, and more will be added as time and resources permit.

Submissions sent to the committee via the Committee's on-line submission system are listed separately to the other submissions because the format in which they are sent to the committee facilitates easier removal of personal details, allows them to be placed on the website easily, and because submitters have provided clear indications of confidentiality requirements.

Many people have expressed concern about privacy. Personal details of individuals, such as addresses and phone numbers have been removed from any individual submissions posted on the website.  Names have been withheld where this has been requested.

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