Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared  before the Committee

Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared  before the Committee

Melbourne, Friday, 22 April 2005

Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner
Mr Paul Chadwick, Victorian Privacy Commissioner

Law Institute of Victoria
Mr William O'Shea, Council Member, Past President
Ms Joanne Kummrow, Solicitor, Administrative Law and Human Rights Section
Mr Nihal Samararatna, Member

Legal Aid Queensland (by teleconference)
Ms Loretta Kreet, Solicitor, Civil Justice (Consumer Protection) Team

Australian Red Cross
Mr Robert Tickner, Secretary General (Chief Executive Officer)
Mr Noel Clement, General Manager, Domestic Operations (National Programs)
Mr Greg Heesom, National Manager, International Humanitarian Law

Electronic Frontiers Australia
Ms Irene Graham, Executive Director


Sydney, Thursday, 19 May 2005

Baycorp Advantage
Mr Andrew Want, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Chris Gration, Consultant
Ms Melissa Stratton, Group Privacy Adviser

Australian Privacy Foundation
Ms Anna Johnston, Chair
Mr David Vaile, Vice Chair

Australian Consumers' Association
Mr Charles Britton, Senior Policy Officer, IT and Communications

Australian Direct Marketing Association
Miss Jodie Sangster, Director, Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Australian Law Reform Commission
Professor David Weisbrot, President
Ms Carolyn Adams, Principal Legal Officer

Office of the Privacy Commissioner
Ms Karen Curtis, Privacy Commissioner
Mr Timothy Pilgrim, Deputy Privacy Commissioner

Attorney-General's Department
Ms Philippa Lynch, First Assistant Secretary, Information Law and Human Rights Division
Ms Janine Ward, Acting Assistant Secretary, Information Law Branch
Mr Colin Minihan, Principal Legal Officer, Information Law Branch, Private Sector Privacy


Canberra, Friday, 20 May 2005

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Mr Rod Smith, First Assistant Secretary, Public Diplomacy, Consular and Passports Division
Mr Bob Nash, Assistant Secretary, Passports Branch
Mr Adrian White, Manager, Passports Act Review Team, Passports Branch
Ms Stacey Morgan, Executive Officer, Administrative and Domestic Law Section, Legal Branch

Centre for Law and Genetics (by teleconference)
Professor Donald Chalmers, Director
Dr Dianne Nicol, Senior Research Fellow

Australian Medical Association
Ms Pamela Burton, Legal Counsel
Ms Julia Nesbitt, Director, General Practice and E-health

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
Professor David Hill, Member, NHMRC Research Committee, and Chair, NHMRC Working Committee on Privacy
Dr David Whiteman, Council Member, and Member, NHMRC Working Committee on Privacy
Professor Colin Thomson, NHMRC Consultant in Health Ethics
Mrs Cathy Clutton, Acting Executive Director, Centre for Health Advice, Policy and Ethics

Department of Health and Ageing
Ms Mary Murnane, Deputy Secretary
Ms Margaret Lyons, First Assistant Secretary, Health Services Improvement Branch
Dr Brian Richards, National Director, e-Health Implementation Group
Mr Mike McGrath, Legal Adviser

Australian Federal Police
Mr Trevor Van Dam, Chief Operating Officer
Federal Agent Peter Drennan, National Manager, Economic and Special Operations
Mr James Watson, Manager, Legal

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