Submissions received by the committee as at 3/05/2007

Inquiry into the Native Title Amendment (Technical Amendments) Bill 2007

Submissions received by the committee as at 3/05/2007

Sub No.  
1 Local Government Association of Queensland (PDF 525KB)
2 National Indigenous Council (PDF 44KB)
3 Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (PDF 413KB)
4 National Native Title Tribunal (PDF 129KB)
5 National Native Title Council (PDF 121KB)
6 Attorney General's Department and the Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 874KB)
7 Carpentaria Land Council (PDF 63KB)
8 Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 1135KB)
9 New South Wales Government (PDF 109KB)
10 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (PDF 96KB)
11 ACT Government (PDF 55KB)
12 Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation - Queensland Association Inc. (PDF 13KB)

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