Recommendation 1

3.36    The committee recommends that the government investigates the potential for sponsors to be liable for unreasonable or unspecified charges by migration or recruitment agents and, if necessary, amend proposed section 140IG to provide employers with a right to challenge unreasonable costs.

Recommendation 2

3.39    The committee recommends that proposed subsection 140IK(3) and proposed paragraph 140ZJ(2)(c) be amended to provide that sponsoring employers will have a minimum of 14 days within which to respond to a written request for information or documents.

Recommendation 3

3.40    The committee also recommends that DIAC establishes guidelines in relation to the exercise of the powers in proposed sections 140IK and 140ZJ including a requirement that notices under these sections clearly state the consequences of non-compliance.

Recommendation 4

3.41    Subject to the preceding recommendations, the committee recommends that the Bill be passed.

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