Senate Select Committee on Medicare - First Inquiry

Senate Select Committee on Medicare - First Inquiry

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Terms of reference and submission information (Word format) (PDF format)

The Senate Select Committee on Medicare was established on 15 May 2003 to inquire into the Government's A Fairer Medicare package.

On 19 June 2003, the Senate also referred to the Committee the Health Legislation Amendment (Medicare and Private Health Insurance) Bill 2003, to be considered jointly with the Senate Select Committee on Medicare's Terms of Reference.

Information about the Bill


The Committee tabled its first inquiry in the Senate on 30 October 2003. Text of the report is below:

Medicare - healthcare or welfare?


Hansard Transcripts

21 July 2003 Canberra (PDF format)
22 July 2003 Sydney (PDF format)
23 July 2003 Newcastle (PDF format)
24 July 2003 Melbourne (PDF format)
29 July 2003 Perth (PDF format)
30 July 2003 Adelaide (PDF format)
31 July 2003 Hobart (PDF format)
25 August 2003 Bundaberg (PDF format)
26 August 2003 Brisbane (PDF format)
27 August 2003 Melbourne (PDF format)
28 August 2003 Canberra (PDF format)
23 September 2003 Canberra (PDF format)