A Certain Maritime Incident

A Certain Maritime Incident

23 October 2002

© Commonwealth of Australia 2002
ISBN 0 642 71191

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 11KB)
Terms of Reference (PDF 11KB)
Acronyms and Abbreviations (PDF 13KB)

Majority Report

Chair's Foreword (PDF 27KB)
Executive Summary (PDF 210KB)
A New Border Protection Regime - Chapters 1 and 2
'Children Overboard' - Chapters 3 - 6
Accountability - Chapter 7
SIEV X - Chapters 8 and 9
'Pacific Solution' - Chapters 10 and 1
Chapter 1 - Border protection: A new regime (PDF 213KB)
The Resolution of the Tampa Crisis
A New Regime
Chapter 2 - Operation Relex (PDF 87KB)
Establishment and Operational Arrangements
Overview of Operation Relex Activities
Chapter 3 - The 'Children Overboard' incident: Events and initial report
(PDF 93KB)
HMAS Adelaide and SIEV 4
Children Overboard?
Chapter 4 - The report of Children Overboard: Dissemination and early doubts (PDF 125KB)
Doubts and the Search for Evidence
Chapter 5 - The attempt to correct the record: Advice from defence (PDF 128KB)
Correcting the Record: Advice to the Minister and his Office
Correcting the Record: Advice to PM & C and PST
Chapter 6 - The failure to correct the record (PDF 169KB)
Role of Minister for Defence and his Office
Role of the Office of the Prime Minister
Adequacy of Defence's Advice
Chapter 7 - Accountability (PDF 196KB)
Accountability in the Public Sector
Accountability and the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO)
Accountability in a Whole-of-Government Environment
Accountability and Ministerial Advisers
Chapter 8 - The sinking of SIEV X: Intelligence and surveillance (PDF 182KB)
The Intelligence System and SIEV X
SIEV X Chronology
Surveillance and SIEV X
    Map 1 - 6 (PDF 175KB)
    Map 7 -12 (PDF 164KB)
Chapter 9 - The response to SIEV X (PDF 143KB)
The Operational Climate
Intelligence and Operational Decision Making
The Intelligence Puzzle
SIEV X Intelligence - 'Through a Glass Darkly'?
Confirmation of Departure and Departure Time
Confirmation of Whence It Had Departed
A Threshold Level of Concern for its Safety
Intelligence Handling - Systemic Problems?
Chapter 10 - Pacific solution: Negotiations and agreements (PDF 112KB)
Initial Approaches
The Agreement with Nauru
The Agreement with Papua New Guinea
Number of Asylum Seekers
Operational Arrangements
Chapter 11 - Pacific solution: Outcomes and cost (PDF 103KB)
Assessment of Refugee Status
Visa Regime
Appendix 1 - List of public submissions (PDF 10KB)
Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the committee at public hearings (PDF 17KB)
Letters Received from President of the Senate

Correspondence Received Clerk of the Senate and
Clerk of House of Representatives

Australian Democrats Additional Comments (PDF 130KB)
Senator John Faulkner Additional Comments (PDF 182KB)
Senator Jacinta Collins Additional Comments (PDF 122KB)

Government Members Report

Chapter I - Preamble (PDF 30KB)
Chapter II - The Conspiracy That Wasn't (PDF 167KB)
Chapter III - Concluding Observations (PDF 21KB)
Appendix I - The Pattern of Conduct (PDF 67KB)
Appendix II - The Titheridge Minute
(Available in PDF format only)
(PDF 109KB)
Appendix III - Siev Event Matrix
(Available in PDF format only)
(PDF 89KB)