Public hearings and transcripts

Select Committee for an inquiry into a certain maritime incident

Public hearings and transcripts

Date Location Programs Transcripts
25/03/02 Canberra (PDF 71KB) (PDF 1021KB)
26/03/02 Canberra (PDF 71KB) (PDF 444KB)
4/04/02 Canberra (PDF 9KB) (PDF 983KB)
5/04/02 Canberra (PDF 9KB) (PDF 612KB)
11/04/02 Canberra (PDF 61KB) (PDF 435KB)
12/04/02 Canberra (PDF 61KB) (PDF 648KB)
16/04/02 Canberra (PDF 70KB) (PDF 1279KB)
17/04/02 Canberra (PDF 75KB) (PDF 685KB)
18/04/02 Canberra (PDF 69KB) (PDF 610KB)
01/05/02 Canberra (PDF 9KB) (PDF 1052KB)
02/05/02 Canberra (PDF 8KB) (PDF 465KB)
22/05/02 Canberra (PDF 8KB) (PDF 794KB)
13/06/02 Canberra (PDF 7KB) (PDF 539KB)
11/07/02 Canberra (PDF 8KB) (PDF 881KB)
30/07/02 Canberra (PDF 58KB) (PDF 745KB)

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