Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

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On 1 April 2004 the Senate agreed that a Select Committee, to be known as the Select Committee on the Lindeberg Grievance, be appointed to inquire into and report, by 5 October 2004, on the following matters:

(a) whether any false or misleading evidence was given to the Select Committee on Public Interest Whistleblowing, the Select Committee on Unresolved Whistleblower Cases or the Committee of Privileges in respect of the matters considered in its 63rd and 71st reports; and whether any contempt was committed in that regard, having regard to previous inquiries by Senate committees relating to the shredding of the Heiner documents, the fresh material that has subsequently been revealed by the Dutney Memorandum, and Exhibits 20 and 31 tabled at the Forde Commission of Inquiry into the Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions, and any other relevant evidence; and

(b) the implications of this matter for measures which should be taken:

(i) to prevent the destruction and concealment by government of information which should be available in the public interest,

(ii) in relation to the protection of children from abuse, and

(iii) for the appropriate protection of whistleblowers.