Inquiry into the Lindeberg Grievance

Inquiry into the Lindeberg Grievance

Responses to Adverse Comment

Under Senate rules persons who may have been commented upon adversely in public evidence are provided the right of reply.

Attached are responses to adverse comments in evidence that the committee has taken.

Mr G J Sorensen, Deputy Information Commissioner - 2 August 2004 (PDF format); Attachment 1 (PDF format); Attachment 2 (PDF format); Attachment 3 (PDF format); Attachment 4 (PDF format)
Mr David Bevan, Queensland Ombudsman and Information Commissioner - 3 August 2004 (PDF format)
Mr Marshall Irwin - 26 July 2004 (PDF format)
Mr Brendan Butler SC, Crime and Misconduct Commission - 30 August 2004 (PDF format)
Mr Mark Le Grand - 14 September 2004 (PDF format)
Mr Michael Barnes - 18 September 2004 (PDF format)
Queensland Police Service - 20 October 2004 (PDF format)
Mr Alastair MacAdam - 8 November 2004 (PDF format)