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Submissions received by the Committee as at 5 June 2008

Submissions received by the Committee as at 5 June 2008

Sub No.

Mr Campbell Simpson (PDF 69KB)

2 Professor Peter Newman (PDF 233KB)
3 & 3a Ms Betty E Moore (PDF 58KB) Additional Submission (PDF 46KB)
4 Mr Colin Cook (PDF 111KB) Additional Submission (PDF 79KB)
5 Mr Peter Donald (PDF 103KB)
6 Ms Joy Wii (PDF 58KB)
7 UITP (PDF 246KB)
8 Ms Petra Van Reyk (PDF 53KB)
9 AIUS QLD Inc (PDF 114KB)
10 Mr Geoff Holman (PDF 77KB)
11 Professor Patrick Troy AO (PDF 79KB)

Sustainable Population Australia Inc, Tasmania Branch (PDF 65KB)

13 Dr Elizabeth Karol & Dr Margaret Giles (PDF 108KB)
14 Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (PDF 120KB)
15 Local Government Association of Tasmania (PDF 279KB)
16 Mr Hugh Stretton AC (PDF 122KB)
17 Housing Industry Association (PDF 384KB)
18 Queensland Community Housing Coalition (PDF 329KB)
19 Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) (PDF 245KB) Supplementary Submission (PDF 953KB)
20 Urban Development Institute of Australia (SA) (UDIA SA) (PDF 442KB)
21 Housing & Urban Research Institute of Western Australia (HURIWA) (PDF 722KB)
22 Mr Terrance Booth (PDF 39KB)

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Bayside Branch (PDF 112KB) Attachment (PDF 1195KB)


Urban Development Institute of Australia Queensland (UDIA QLD) (PDF 1791KB)        

25 Mr Paul Pollard (PDF 172KB)
26 Dr Rowland Atkinson (PDF 145KB)
27 Confidential
28 Nature & Society Forum Inc. (PDF 86KB)
29 Mr Stephen J McIntosh (PDF 139KB)
30 Master Builders Association (MBA) (PDF 420KB)
31 Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Ltd (WSROC) (PDF 142KB) Attachment A (PDF 169KB); Attachment B (PDF 481KB); Attachment C (PDF 447KB)
32 Urban Research Centre, University of Western Sydney (PDF 74KB)

Associate Professor Kath Hulse & Professor Terry Burke (PDF 201KB)

34 The Salvation Army (PDF 103KB) Supplementary Submission (PDF 557KB)

Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) (PDF 179KB)

36 Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) (PDF 469KB)
37 Brisbane City Council (PDF 454KB)
38 City Futures Research Centre - UNSW (PDF 2611KB)
39 Tasmanian Liberals (PDF 123KB)
40 Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) (PDF 215KB)
41 Gecko - Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council (PDF 85KB) Supplementary Submission (PDF 281KB)
42 Shelter WA (PDF 162KB)
43 Planning Institute of Australia (PDF 800KB)
44 Urban Development Institute of Australia (National) (UDIA) (PDF 455KB)
45 Urban Development Institute of Australia WA (UDIA WA) (PDF 4155KB)

Real Estate Institute of Australia (PDF 264KB)  Attachment (PDF 215KB)  

47 Dr Nicole Gurran (PDF 193KB)
48 Loris Erik Kent Hemlof (PDF 204KB)
49 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA NSW) (PDF 220KB)
50 Adjunct Professor Tony Sorensen (PDF 377KB)
51 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) (PDF 134KB)
52 Abacus - Australian Mutuals (PDF 80KB)
53 Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA) (PDF 151KB)
54 Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) (PDF 264KB)
55 University of Technology Sydney (PDF 26KB)
56 The Australia Institute (PDF 73KB)

National Shelter (PDF 346KB)

58 R Mostafavi & S Lashknarie (PDF 50KB)
59 City of Port Phillip (PDF 155KB)
60  Association to Resource Co-operative Housing (ARCH) (PDF 165KB) Attachment (PDF 110KB)
61 Mr Phil Williams (PDF 283KB)

Mr Shann Turnbull PhD (PDF 187KB)

63 Cr Julie Burke, Campbelltown City Council (PDF 82KB)
64 Mr Geoffrey Alexander (PDF 29KB)
65 Associate Professor Angelo Karantonis (PDF 755KB)
66 Northern Rivers Social Development Council (PDF 164KB)
67 The Mercury Centre Co-operative Limited (PDF 290KB)
68 Northern Territory Government (PDF 1084KB)
69 Mr Richard Stone (PDF 1084KB)
70 Mr John P McAuley (PDF 1466KB)
71  Local Government Association of Queensland Inc. (LGAQ) (PDF 1702KB); Attachment A (PDF 357KB); Attachment B (PDF 283KB); Attachment C (PDF 45KB); Attachment D (PDF 449KB)
72 Ballina Shire Council (PDF 123KB)

Fair Access to Initial Real Estate (FAIRE) (PDF 121KB)

74 Dr Brett F Edgerton (PDF 1035KB) Additional Submissions (PDF 1035KB)
75 ACT Government (PDF 1241KB)

Tweed Shire Council (PDF 107KB)  Supplementary Submission (PDF 77KB)

77 St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia (PDF 358KB)
78 Mr Craig Gedye (PDF 34KB)
79 Mr Tony Powell AO (PDF 127KB) Attachment (PDF 178KB)
80 Mr David Van Der Klauw (PDF 455KB)
81 Tasmanian Government (PDF 843KB)
82 The Village Building Co. Ltd (PDF 75KB)
83 Professor Robert J Stimson & Dr Alistair Robson, University of Queensland Social Research Centre, Institute for Social Science Research (PDF 668KB)
84 Property Council of Australia (PDF 374KB) Attachment A (PDF 3097KB); Attachment B (PDF 1016KB); Attachment C (PDF 487KB); Attachment D (PDF 1692KB)
85 City of Greater Geelong (PDF 113KB); Attachment A (PDF 214KB); Attachment B (PDF 516KB)

Community Housing Coalition of WA (PDF 542KB)

87 Western Australian Government (PDF 348KB); Attachment A (PDF 3375KB) Attachment B (PDF 4614KB)
88 South Australian Government (PDF 128KB)
89 NT Shelter (PDF 386KB); Attachment (PDF 864KB)
90 NSW Government (PDF 269KB)
91 Hon Catherine Cusack, Country North Liberal (PDF 1874KB)
92 Pilbara Community Legal Service Inc. (PDF 479KB)
93 Pilbara Area Consultative Committee (PDF 685KB)
94 Ray White Real Estate (PDF 481KB)
95 Pilbara Association of Non Government Organisations Inc (PDF 2346KB)
96 Pilbara Regional Council (PDF 398KB)

Anglicare Tasmania (PDF 597KB); Attachment A (PDF 1059KB); Attachment B (PDF 885KB)

98 Launceston City Council (PDF 2307KB)
99 Tassie Home Loans Pty Ltd (PDF 426KB)
100 Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA) (PDF 211KB)
101 AussieBuild 3000 Pty Ltd (PDF 776KB)
102 Professor Andrew Beer, Dr Emma Baker, Dr Selina Tually, Dr Debbie Faulkner, Southern Research Centre AHURI (PDF 2075KB)


104 Department of Families, Housing, Community Service and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) (PDF 243KB)

Additional Information

1 Additional Information received from Urban Development Institute of Australia (National) (UDIA) - Attachment 1 (PDF 1592KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 2159KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 1623KB); Attachment 4 (PDF 2644KB)
2 Additional Information received from University of Technology Sydney (PDF 661KB)

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