list of RELEASED submissions & PAPERS

National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, University of Canberra, An Introduction to Microsimulation Models of Tax Reform, by Ann Harding and Neil Warren.

Peter B.Dixon & Maureen T.Rimmer, The Government's Tax Package: Further Analysis based on the Monash Model.


Sub No. 68 Australian Council of Social Service

Sub No. 78, 78A Professor John Quiggin

Sub No. 79 Professor Peter McDonald

Sub No.83, 83A Australasian Railway Association Inc

Sub No. 98, 98A National Farmers Federation Association

Sub No. 104, 104A Business Coalition for Tax Reform

Sub No. 121 Treasury

Sub No. 122 Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Sub No. 164 Tax Reform Ltd

Sub No. 205 Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants

Sub No. 300 St Vincent de Paul Society

Sub No. 302 Road Transport Forum

Sub No. 340 Australian Food and Grocery Council

Sub No. 343 Corporate Tax Association Inc

Sub No. 338 Master Builders Association

Sub No. 383 Australian Council of Trade Unions

Sub No. 471 Inbound Tourism of Australia

Sub No. 472 Tourism Task Force Ltd

Sub No. 553 Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees Association

Sub No. 592 Housing Industry Association

Sub No. 603 Department of Family and Community Affairs

Sub No. 604 Victorian Council of Social Service

Sub No. 605 Municipal Association of Victoria

Sub No. 718 Tourism Council of Australia

Sub No. 731 Australian Bureau of Statistics