Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Public hearings

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 – Sydney

Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

Mr David de Jongh, Assistant Manager, Retail Policy Team, Energy Division

Mr Alan Hopkins, Assistant Manager, Demand Side Policy Team, Energy Division

Mr Brendan Morling, Head, Energy Division

Mr Geoff Whelan, Manager, Retail Policy Team, Energy Division

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Mr Brad Archer, First Assistant Secretary, Energy Markets and Policy Coordination Division

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Ms Andrea Wallace-Green, Section Manager, Climate Change Household Assistance Section, Seniors and Means Test Branch

Australian Energy Market Commission

Mr John Pierce, Chairman

Dr Brian Spalding, Commissioner

Mr Paul Smith, Acting Chief Executive

Energy Retailers Association of Australia

Mr Cameron O'Reilly, Chief Executive Officer

Centre for Energy and Environment Markets, University of New South Wales

Dr Iain MacGill, Joint Director (Engineering)

Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney

Professor Stuart White, Director

Grid Australia

Ms Hannah Dunn, Media and Government Manager

Mr Norman Jip, Coordinator

Mr Peter McIntyre, Chairman

Australian Industry Group

Dr Peter Burn, Director, Public Policy

Mr Tennant Reed, Principal National Adviser, Public Policy

Total Environment Centre

Mr Jeff Angel, Executive Director

Dr Mark Byrne, Energy Market Advocate

Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Mr Oliver Derum, Policy Officer, Energy and Water Consumers' Advocacy Program

Ms Carolyn Hodge, Senior Policy Officer, Energy and Water Consumers' Advocacy Program


Ms Katrina Lee, Strategic Policy Adviser

Mr Matt Levey, Head of Campaigns


Thursday, 27 September 2012 – Melbourne

Australian Energy Regulator

Mr Chris Pattas, General Manager, Network Operations and Development Branch

Ms Sarah Proudfoot, General Manager, Retail Markets Branch

Mr Andrew Reeves, Chairman

Mr Ed Willett, Board Member

Australian Energy Market Operator

Mr David Swift, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Victorian Electricity Distribution Businesses

Mr Peter Bryant, General Manager, AMI Services, CitiPower and Powercor Australia

Mr Nino Ficca, Managing Director, SP AusNet

Mr Hugh Gleeson, Chief Executive Officer, United Energy

Mr Shaun Reardon, Executive General Manager, Strategy, Regulation and Projects, Jemena Ltd

Energy Users Association of Australia

Mr Brian Green, Chairman

Mr Bruce Mountain – Private capacity

Consumer Action Law Centre

Mr Gerard Brody, Director, Policy and Campaigns

Ms Catriona Lowe, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre

Ms Caitlin Whiteman, Research and Policy Advocate

Energy Supply Association of Australia

Mr Kieran Donoghue, General Manager Policy

Mr Matthew Warren, Chief Executive Officer

Clean Energy Council

Mr David Green, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Russell Marsh, Director of Policy

Energy Efficiency Council

Mr Simon Helps, Vice-President

Mr Simon James, President

Mr Robert Murray-Leach, Chief Executive Officer

EnerNOC Pty Ltd

Dr Paul Troughton, Manager of Regulatory Affairs


Tuesday, 2 October 2012 – Perth

Department of Finance, Western Australia

Dr Ray Challen, Deputy Director General Public Utilities Office

Ms Anne Nolan, Director General

Economic Regulation Authority

Mr Richard Begley, Principal Regulatory Adviser

Mr Robert Pullella, Executive Director-Access

Mr Greg Watkinson, Chief Executive Officer

Independent Market Operater (WA)

Mr Allan Dawson, Chief Executive Officer

WA Council of Social Service

Ms Irina Cattalini, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Chris Twomey, Director of Policy

Sustainable Energy Association of Australia

Professor Ray Wills, Chief Adviser


Wednesday, 3 October 2012 – Brisbane

Alternative Technology Association

Mr Craig Memery, Senior Energy Advocate

Mr Damien Moyse, Energy Projects and Policy Manager

One Big Switch

Mr Chris Zinn, Director, Campaigns

Mr Terry O'Connell - (Private capacity)

Energex Limited

Mr Darren Busine, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Mr Peter Price, Executive General Manager, Network Performance

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited

Mr Ian McLeod, Chief Executive


Tuesday, 9 October 2012 – Canberra

Professor Ross Garnaut – Private capacity

REC Agents Association

Mr Ric Brazzale, President

Ms Fiona O'Hehir, Vice-President

Low Carbon Australia Limited

Mrs Margaret McDonald, Chief Executive Officer

Energy Networks Association

            Mr Garth Crawford, Principal Adviser Regulation

            Dr Malcolm Roberts, Chief Executive

Australian Council of Social Service

            Dr Cassandra Goldie, Chief Executive Officer

            Mr Andrew Nance, Adviser

            Ms Andrea Pape, Senior Policy Officer, Energy and Climate Change

National Generators Forum

            Mr Tim Reardon, Executive Director

            Mr Trevor St Baker, Chairman

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Dr Glenn Platt, Theme Leader, Local Energy Systems, Energy Transformed Flagship

Dr Alex Wonhas, Director, Energy Transformed Flagship

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Greg Evans, Director of Economics

Electrical Trades Union of Australia

Mr Steve Butler, Secretary, New South Wales Branch

Unions New South Wales

Mr Mark Lennon, Secretary

United Voice

Ms Louise Tarrant, National Secretary

Electrical and Plumbing Union

Mr Peter Tighe, National Secretary

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