Public hearing - Canberra, Tuesday 9 October 2012

Select Committee on Electricity Prices

Public hearing - Canberra, Tuesday 9 October 2012

Committee Room 2S1, Parliament House



11.50 am

Professor Ross Garnaut (via teleconference) (No submission)

12.30 pm


1.20 pm

REC Agents Association (Submission 70)
Mr Ric Brazzale, President
Ms Fiona O'Hehir, Vice-President

2.00 pm


3.10 pm

Low Carbon Australia (Submission 83)
Mrs Margaret McDonald, Chief Executive Officer

3.50 pm

Energy Networks Association (Submission 64)
Mr Malcolm Roberts, Chief Executive
Mr Garth Crawford, Principal Adviser, Regulation

4.30 pm

Australian Council of Social Service (Submission 67)
Dr Cassandra Goldie, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Andrea Pape, Senior Policy Officer Energy and Climate Change
Mr Andrew Nance, Adviser

5.10 pm

National Generators Forum (No submission)
Mr Trevor St Baker, Chair
Mr Tim Reardon, Executive Director

5.50 pm

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) (Submission 82)
Dr Alex Wonhas, Director, CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship
Dr Glenn Platt, Research Scientist, CSIRO Energy Technology

6.30 pm


7.10 pm

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Submission 58)
Mr Greg Evans, Director of Economics

7.50 pm

Unions NSW (Submission 62)
Mr Mark Lennon, Secretary
United Voice (Submission 77)
Ms Louise Tarrant, National Secretary
Ms Holly Creenaune, Campaigner
CEPU (Submission 84)
Mr Peter Tighe, National Secretary
ETU NSW (No submission)
Mr Steve Butler, Secretary

8.30 pm

Commonwealth Government (Submission 61)
Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
Mr Brendan Morling, Head, Energy Division
Dr Chris Locke, General Manager, Electricity and Gas Markets Branch
Mr Geoff Whelan, Manager, Retail Policy Team
Mr Oliver Story, Manager, Demand Side Policy Team
Mr David de Jongh, Assistant Manager, Retail Policy Team
Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Mr Andrew Bailey, First Assistant Secretary, Energy Efficiency Division
Mr Brad Archer, First Assistant Secretary, Energy Market and Policy Coordination Division
Mr Gene McGlynn, Assistant Secretary, Building Energy Efficiency Branch
Department of Family, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Ms Alana Foster, Branch Manager, Seniors and Means Test Branch

9.30 pm


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