Appendix 3

Appendix 3

Public hearings and witnesses

Monday 4 May 2015, Canberra

Australian Digital Alliance and the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee

Ms Sue McKerracher, CEO Australian Library and Information Association
Ms Trish Hepworth, Executive Officer/Policy Adviser

Associate Professor Kimberlee Weatherall, University of Sydney Law School

Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network

Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator

Public Health Association of Australia

Mr Michael Moore, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Deborah Gleeson, Lecturer La Trobe University

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ms Frances Lisson, First Assistant Secretary, Free Trade Agreement Division
Ms Patricia Holmes, Assistant Secretary, Trade Law Branch, Office of Trade Negotiations
Mr Lloyd Brodrick, Acting Assistant Secretary, FTA Legal Issues and Advocacy Branch, Free Trade Agreement Division
Ms Katrina Cooper, Senior Legal Advisor

Tuesday 5 May 2015, Canberra

Australian Council of Trade Unions

Ms Ged Kearney, President
Mr Andrew Dettmer, National President, Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union

National Tertiary Education Union

Ms Jeannie Rea, National President
Dr Jen Tsen Kwok, Policy and Research Officer

Australian Human Rights Commission

Professor Gillian Triggs, President
Dr Helen Potts, Manager Human Rights Scrutiny Team

Australian Industry Group

Mr Anthony Melville, Head of Communications
Ms Louise McGrath, National Manager, Business and International Advisory Services

Law Council of Australia

Dr Brett Williams, Deputy Chair, International Law Section
Mr Peter Thomson, Senior Policy Lawyer, International Division

Environmental Defender's Offices of Australia

Ms Rachel Walmsley, Policy and Law Reform Director, EDO NSW
Mr Nariman Sahukar, Senior Policy and Law Reform Solicitor, EDO NSW


Mr Alan Kirkland, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Sarah Agar, Campaigns and Policy Advisor

Export Council of Australia

Mr Andrew Hudson, Director

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Bryan Clark, Director of Trade and International Affairs
Mr Andrew Willcocks, Certificate of Origin Compliance Officer

Dr Hazel Moir, Adjunct Associate Professor, Centre for European Studies, Australian National University

Dr Matthew Rimmer, Associate Professor, College of Law, Australian National University

Dr Luke Nottage, Professor of Comparative and Transnational Business Law, Sydney University

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