Recommendation 1 

8.6       The committee recommends that the Department of Defence strengthen its public communications in relation to military unmanned platforms.

Recommendation 2 

8.11    The committee recommends that the Australian Defence Force acquire armed unmanned platforms when the capability requirement exists and the Australian Government make a policy statement regarding their use. This policy statement will: 

Recommendation 3

8.14    The committee recommends that the Australian Defence Force notify the Australian Government of measures taken to address any identified gaps training and dissemination programs regarding the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law when armed unmanned platforms are acquired.

Recommendation 4 

8.20    The committee recommends the Australian Government: 

Recommendation 5

8.24    The committee recommends that strategic engagement with the Australian unmanned platform industry be addressed in the forthcoming Defence Industry Policy Statement.

Recommendation 6

8.27    The committee recommends that the Australian Government: 

Recommendation 7

8.33    The committee recommends that the Australian Government support international efforts to establish a regulatory regime for autonomous weapons systems, including those associated with unmanned platforms.

Recommendation 8 

8.34    The committee recommends that following the release of the Defence White Paper 2015 the Australian Defence Force review the adequacy of its existing policies in relation to autonomous weapons systems.

Recommendation 9

8.37    The committee recommends that Defence, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Airservices Australia increase their cooperation to facilitate the safe use of unmanned platforms in Australian airspace.

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