Reforms to Australia's military justice system - Second progress report

Reforms to Australia's military justice system - Second progress report

29 March 2007

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ISBN 978-0-642-71780-1

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Members of the Committee (PDF 130KB)
Executive summary (PDF 180KB)

Investigative capability
Independence of investigating officers
Review of the Defence Force Disciplinary Act
ADF culture

Chapter 1 - Review of the implementation of reforms to Australia's military justice system (PDF 161KB)

  Government's response to the committee's recommendations
  Defence's first progress report and the committee's review of Defence's progress
  Defence's second progress report
  Conduct of the inquiry
  Structure of the report

Chapter 2 - Disciplinary system (PDF 324KB)

Investigative capabilities of the ADF
The Audit of the ADF investigative capability
Basic skills
  The Report of the Board of Inquiry into the Death of Private Jacob Kovco
Chain of command and influence on investigations
The referral of criminal matters to civilian authorities and the relationship
between service and civilian police
  Committee view

Chapter 3 - Military tribunals (PDF 198KB)

Office of the Director of Military Prosecutions
Director of Defence Counsel Services
Permanent Military Court

Chapter 4 - Administrative system (PDF 168KB)

Redress of Grievance
  Committee view

Chapter 5 - Investigations into notifiable incidents (PDF 205KB)

Commissions of Inquiry
The role of state coroners
  Committee view
The independence and impartiality of an investigator

Chapter 6 - The Defence Force disciplinary act (PDF 178KB)

Call for a review of the Defence Force Disciplinary Act
  Committee view

Chapter 7 - ADF culture (PDF 217KB)

ADF cultureā€”a demanding environment
Learning culture in the ADF
Assistance to trainees
Retention rate in training schools

Appendix 1 - Public hearing and witnesses (PDF 107KB)
Appendix 2 - The Committee's 2005 recommendations and the Government response (PDF 332KB)
Appendix 3 - Department of Defence: Progress of enhancements to the military justice system, October 2006 (PDF 2916KB)
Appendix 4 - Committee's written question to defence (PDF 201KB)

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