Annual reports (No. 1 of 2016)

Annual reports (No. 1 of 2016)

2 March 2016

© Commonwealth of Australia 2016
ISBN 978-1-76010-353-8

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 12KB)
Preface - Introduction (PDF 44KB)

Terms of reference
Allocated portfolios
Annual reporting requirements
Assessment of annual reports
General comments on the annual reports
Annual reports referred to the committee

Chapter 1 - Annual reports of departments (PDF 70KB)

Department of Defence
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Department of Veterans' Affairs

Chapter 2 - Annual reports of statutory and non-statutory agencies (PDF 73KB)

Defence portfolio
Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio
Veterans' Affairs portfolio
Other reports

Appendix 1 - Compliance table of annual reports for the period 2014–15 (PDF 42KB)