Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology

On 11 September 2019, the Senate resolved to establish a Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology. The committee will inquire and report on the following matters:

  1. the size and scope of the opportunity for Australian consumers and business arising from financial technology (FinTech) and regulatory technology (RegTech);
  2. barriers to the uptake of new technologies in the financial sector;
  3. the progress of FinTech facilitation reform and the benchmarking of comparable global regimes;
  4. current RegTech practices and the opportunities for the RegTech industry to strengthen compliance but also reduce costs;
  5. the effectiveness of current initiatives in promoting a positive environment for FinTech and RegTech start-ups; and
  6. any related matters.

The committee is to present its final report on or before the first sitting day in October 2020.

Committee Secretariat contact:

Department of the Senate
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: 02 6277 3535
Fax: 02 6277 5818