Submissions received by the committee as at 06/07/07

Inquiry into the Superannuation Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Submissions received by the committee as at 06/07/07

Sub No.  
1 Superannuated Commonwealth Officers' Association Inc (PDF 236KB)
2 The Military Superannuation and Benefits Board of Trustees (PDF 73KB)
3 Regular Defence Force Welfare Associated Inc, National Office (PDF 218KB)
4 Community and Public Sector Union (PDF 108KB)
5 Mr Roscoe Howell (PDF 113KB)
6 Department of Finance and Administration (PDF 60KB)

Additional Information received

The Hon. Mr Bruce Billson MP, Minister for Veterans' Affairs, correspondence to the Regular Defence Force Welfare Association regarding Act of Grace payments, dated 14 June 2007, tabled at the committee hearing on 5 July 2007. (PDF 69KB)
Department of Defence, response to questions on notice from 5 July 2007 public hearing (PDF 28KB)

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