Additional Comments – Coalition Senators

Additional Comments – Coalition Senators

Coalition Senators note paragraphs 3.8 to 3.44, of the evidence presented by the Australian Public Service Commission:

The commission’s position is that we do not believe the APS needs a full-blown state ICAC style anticorruption commission. The view has been that that would be overkill given that there are a number of agencies that already have jurisdiction in that area. Already we have found that there has not been the systemic corruption that has been the subject of investigations in the state systems.

As are the Attorney General’s Department’s evidence:

The Australian government does not support a National Integrity Commission. The Australian government's approach to dealing with corruption is integrated and multifaceted. We work to get the standards and training right, assess risk and detect, investigate and respond to corruption. Underpinning this approach is our democratic system of representative government and the separation of powers enshrined in the Australian Constitution. There are a range of institutions that play a role in protecting against corruption and enabling scrutiny of the public and private sectors. These include parliamentary committees that scrutinise government activity and proposed laws; a free media; and an active civil society.[1]

The current approach whereby allegations of corruption at a Commonwealth level can be investigated by a range of authorities, including the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission, combined with the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct and Ministerial Code of Conduct, enforced by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Australian Public Service Commission respectively are such that the assertion of shortcomings of the existing arrangements as asserted in paragraph 3.116 has not been made out.

Senator the Hon. Eric Abetz                    Senator the Hon. David Johnston
Liberal Senator for Tasmania                 Liberal Senator for Western Australia

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