Renewable Energy (Electricity) Bill 2002 Submission List (current as at 6 June 2003)

Renewable Energy (Electricity) Bill 2002
Submission List (current as at 6 June 2003)

*Hard copy version only

1 Mackay Sugar Co-operative (Word format)
2 Bioenergy Australia (Word format)
3 PV Solar Energy Pty Ltd (Word format)
4 Australian Consumer's Association (Word format)
5 CSR Sugar (Word format)
6 Huon Resource Development Group (Word format)
7 Basslink Concerned Citizens Association (Txt format)
8 Climate Action Network Australia (Word format)
9 Moreland Energy Foundation (Word format)
10 Environment Victoria (Word format)
11 Country Energy (Word format)
12 Conservation Council of Western Australia Inc. (Word format)
13 Pacific Hydro Limited (PDF format)
14 Greenfield Resource Options Pty Ltd (PDF format)
15 Greenpeace Australia Pacific (Word format)
17 National Association of Forest Industries (PDF format)
18 Sustainable Energy Authority (Word format) Attachment 1 (Word format)
19 Plasmatronics Pty Ltd (Word format)
20 Stanwell Corporation Limited (Word format)
21 Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (PDF format) Attachment 1 (PDF format)
22 Pacific Solar Pty Limited (Word format) Attachment 1 (Word format)
23 Hydro Tasmania (Word format)
23a Hydro Tasmania (Word format)
23b Hydro Tasmania (Word format)
24 Origin Energy Limited (Word format)
25 Southern Hydro Partnership (Word format)
26 Renewable Energy Generators of Australia Ltd (Word format) Attachment 1 (Word format)
28 Ergon Energy (PDF format)
29 NEG Micon Australia Pty Ltd (Word format)
30 WA Sustainable Energy Association (PDF format)
31 CSIRO Division of Technology (Word format)
32 Australian Wind Energy Association (Word format)
33 Tasmanian Government (Word format)
34 Mineral Policy Institute Inc (Word format)
35 Robin Chapple, Greens MLC, WA (Word format)
36 Forestry Tasmania (Word format)  Attachment 1 (Word format)
37 Enertrade (Word format)
37a Enertrade (Word format)
38 Newood Holdings Pty Ltd (Word format)
39 Australian Greenhouse Office (Word format) Attachment 1 (Word format)
40 Mr Tim Le Roy (Word format)
41 Bundaberg Sugar Ltd (Word format)
42 Vestas International Wind Technology A/S and Vestas Australian Wind Technology Pty Ltd ( PDF format)