Report on Environment and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2000;
Australian Heritage Council Bill 2000; and
Australian Heritage Council (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2000

Submission List (current as at 19 March 2001)

1  North Queensland Conservation Council (PDF format)
2  Mr John Browning (PDF format)
3 Mr John Mulvaney (PDF format)
4 Australian Council of National Trusts (PDF format)
4a Australian Council of National Trusts (PDF format)
5 Peak Environmental Enterprises (PDF format)
5a Peak Environmental Enterprises (PDF format)
6 Australian Institute for Marine Archaeology (PDF format)
7 Sydney Water (PDF format)
8 Australian Heritage Commission (PDF format)
9 Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Inc) (PDF format)
10 Professor Emeritus Yencken, AO
Professor Emeritus Mulvaney, AO, CMG
Dr Baker, OBE
Ms Domicelj, AM
Associate Professor Davis, AM
Mr Molesworth, QC
Dr McCarthy, AO (PDF format)
11 Professor Jane Lennon (PDF format)
12 World Wide Fund for Nature (Australia),Humane Society International and Tasmanian Conservation Trust (PDF format)
13 Norfolk Island Conservation Society (hard copy only)
14 Ms Sharon Sullivan (PDF format)
15 Barjar Aboriginal Corporation (hard copy only)
16 Australian Conservation Foundation
Conservation Council of South East Region and Canberra (PDF format)
17 Australian International Council on Monuments and Sites (PDF format)
18 Mr Bruce Leaver (PDF format)
19 Mr Graeme Worboys (PDF format)
20 Professor Paul Adam (PDF format)
21 Environmental Defenders Office Ltd (NSW) (PDF format)
22 Minister for Urban Services, ACT (hard copy only)
23 Penrith City Council (PDF format)
24 Australian and New Zealand Minerals and Energy Council (hard copy only)
25 ATSIC (PDF format)
26 Heritage Council of Western Australia (hard copy only)
27 The Hon Iain Evans, MP, Government of South Australia (hard copy only)
28 Tasmanian Government (PDF format)
29 New South Wales Government (hard copy only)
30 Australian Council of Professional Historians' Association (PDF format)
31 Victorian Government (hard copy only)
32 Mr Graham Hyde (PDF format)