Submissions received by the committee as at July 2006

Submissions received by the committee as at July 2006

Sub No:


Mr George Clarke

2 Odco Contracting Systems Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 462KB)
3 Melton Roofing (PDF 2162KB)
4 CLC Couriers (PDF 343KB)
5 Mr Stephen Barnett (PDF 137KB)
6 Queensland Government (PDF 4727KB)
7 Australian Entertainment Industry Association (PDF 443KB)
8 Australian Institute of Employment Rights (PDF 1437KB)
9 Master Builders Australia Inc. (PDF 1941KB)
10 ACTU (PDF 401KB)
11 APESMA (PDF 1204KB)
12 Victorian Trades Hall Council (PDF 831KB)
13 Australian Education Union (PDF 32KB)
14 Civil Contractors Federation (PDF 768KB)
15 Australian Industry Group (PDF 78KB)
16 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (PDF 83KB)
16a Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union - attachment 1 (PDF 646KB)
16b Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union - attachment 2 (PDF 45KB)
17 Australian National Couriers (PDF 904KB)
18 Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 341KB)
19 Unions NSW (PDF 823KB)
19a Unions NSW - attachment (PDF 9328KB)
20 CFMEU (PDF 5391KB)
21 Trades and Labour Council of WA (Unions WA) (PDF 356KB)
22 ITCRA (PDF 439KB)
23 Fastway Couriers (Australia)
24 New South Wales Government (PDF 218KB)
25 Owner Drivers Australia (PDF 302KB)
26 NSW Teachers Federation (PDF 562KB)
27 Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Assn (PDF 1897KB)
28 Rio Tinto Limited (PDF 621KB)
29 Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union (PDF 2628KB)
30 Independent Contractors of Australia (PDF 3358KB)
31 NSW Road Transport Association Inc (PDF 750KB)
31a NSW Road Transport Association Inc - attachment (PDF 821KB)
31b NSW Road Transport Association Inc - supplementary submission (PDF 234KB)
32 Queensland Teachers' Union of Employees (PDF 58KB)
33 Hon Meredith Burgmann MLC
34 Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (PDF 350KB)
35 National Farmers' Federation (PDF 275KB)
35a National Farmers' Federation - attachment 1 (PDF 716KB)
35b National Farmers' Federation - attachment 2 (PDF 2080KB)
36 Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union (PDF 2803KB)
37 Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (PDF 175KB)
38 FairWear (PDF 39KB)
39 Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (PDF 96KB)
40 Victoria Government (PDF 1037KB)
41 Brotherhood of St Laurence (PDF 334KB)
42 Transport Workers Union of Australia (PDF 2985KB)
43 Courier and Taxi Truck Association (PDF 593KB)
44 Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 312KB)
45 Submission withdrawn
46 South Australian Government (PDF 271KB)
47 Post Office Agents Association Limited (PDF 150KB)
48 UnitingCare NSW.ACT (PDF 244KB)
49 Victorian Forest Harvesting & Cartage Council (PDF 167KB)
50 Australian Workers' Union (PDF 1537KB)
51 The Allied Express Group of Companies (PDF 338KB)

Uniting Church in Australia, Justice and International Mission Unit (PDF 101KB)

53 Victorian Transport Association (PDF 347KB)
54 Western Australian Government (PDF 989KB)

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