Submissions received by the committee as at September 2006

Submissions received by the committee as at September 2006

Sub No:


Worktrainers Limited (PDF 113KB)

2 Chandler Macleod Limited (PDF 213KB)
3 Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Development and Governance (PDF 1479KB)
4 R J Cornish and Co Pty Ltd (PDF 181KB)
5 Yandilla Park Pty Ltd (PDF 79KB)
6 Riverland Development Corporation (PDF 88KB) appendix 1 (PDF 2009KB)
appendix 2 (PDF 57KB) appendix 3 (PDF 77KB)
7 Trim Vine Labour Contractors (PDF 93KB)
8 Victorian Peach and Apricot Growers' Association Inc (PDF 34KB)
9 Growcom (PDF 179KB)
10 Swan Hill Rural City Council covering letter (PDF 12KB) submission (PDF 31KB) attachment (PDF 35KB)
11 Horticulture Australia Limited / Horticulture Australia Council covering letter (PDF 183KB) submission (PDF 1049KB)
12 Greater Shepparton City Council (PDF 81KB)
13 Private Sector Lobby Group - Export of Ni-Vanuatu Labour (PDF 343KB)
14 Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (PDF 55KB)
15 Australian Mango Industry Association Ltd (PDF 97KB)
16 Carnarvon Growers Association Inc (PDF 40KB)
17 Riverina Citrus (PDF 298KB)
18 The Hon Charlie Lynn MLC (PDF 106KB)

Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology (PDF 534KB)

20 Select Harvests Limited (PDF 46KB)
21 Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District (PDF 29KB)
22 Australian Horticultural Exporters Association (PDF 32KB)
23 Sunraysia Citrus Growers Inc (PDF 53KB) attachment 1 (PDF 48KB)
attachment 2 (PDF 22KB)
24 I.W & M.A Gent (PDF 179KB)
25 Sunraysia Mallee Economic Development Board (PDF 318KB)
26 Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat covering letter (PDF 42KB) submission (PDF 62KB)
27 Fruit Growers Victoria (PDF 686KB)
28 Australia Fiji Business Council
Australia Pacific Islands Business Council
Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council (PDF 2391KB)
30 Department of Employment and Workplace Relations covering letter (PDF 37KB) submission (PDF 293KB)
31 Australian Centre for Regional Economic Justice (PDF 400KB
32 Mr Nic Maclellan, Vic (PDF 76KB)
33 Oxfam Australia (PDF 98KB)
34 Australian Workers' Union covering letter (PDF 39KB) submission (PDF 339KB)
35 National Farmers Federation submission (PDF 70KB) attachment (PDF 355KB)
appendix a (PDF 694KB) appendix b (PDF 802KB) appendix c (PDF 486KB)
appendix d (PDF 475KB)
36 Mr Russell Savage MLA, Member for Mildura covering letter (PDF 14KB) submission (PDF 26KB)
37 Professor Michael Quinlan, NSW (PDF 132KB)
38 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (PDF 96KB
39 Northern Territory Horticultural Association (PDF 154KB)
40 Robinvale Network House (PDF 439KB)
41 Burnett Shire Council, Bargara, QLD (PDF 26KB)
42 Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (PDF 406KB)
43 Department of Immigration & Multicultural Affairs (PDF 77KB)
44 Barossa Riverland MidNorth ACC (PDF 92KB)
45 Professor Richard Brown (PDF 5779KB) Copy of slide presentation in support of evidence given at Public hearing on 19 April 2006
46 Ms Jeanne Allegro (PDF 347KB)
47 School of International Agency Leadership, University of New England (PDF 109KB)
48 Government of Papua New Guinea (PDF 1383KB)
49 Mr Frederick Taylor (PDF 419KB)
50 Mr Geoffrey Beecroft (PDF 420KB)
50b Mr Geoffrey Beecroft (PDF 292KB)
51 Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (PDF 2086KB)
52 TAFE Directors Australia (PDF 119KB)
53 Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (PDF 465KB)
54 Australian Tourism Export Council (PDF 532KB)
55 Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 869KB)
56 Mr Gaurav Sodhi (PDF 367KB)
57 United Pacific Islanders of Wide Bay (PDF 3868KB)
58 The World Bank, Pacific Island Operations (PDF 237KB)

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