Public hearings

Friday, 1 April 2011 - Perth


Ms Judith Hendriksen - Private capacity

Ms Anita Welsh - Private capacity

Adoption Jigsaw

Ms Ann Allpike, Administrator and Researcher
Ms Isabel Andrews, Coordinator/Counsellor

Adoption Research and Counselling Service

Mrs Jennifer Newbould, Counsellor/Manager
Mrs Lisa McDonald, Committee Member

Apology Alliance

Ms Christine Cole, Convenor

Ms Suzanne MacDonald - Private capacity

Association Representing Mothers Separated from their Children by Adoption WA

Ms Shirley Moulds, Founding Coordinator
Ms Carmel Ipock, Coordinator
Ms Lynne Devine, Secretary

Wednesday, 20 April 2011 – Melbourne



Mr Leigh Hubbard, Chair
Mr Ian Coles, Manager

Origins Victoria

Mrs Jean Argus, Secretary
Mrs Elizabeth Edwards, Convenor
Mrs Patricia Gall, Committee Member
Ms Lynette Kinghorn, Treasurer

Apology Alliance

Mrs Barbara Maison, Member

June Smith – Private capacity

Mrs Mary Wood – Private capacity

Mr Michael O'Meara – Private capacity

Care Leavers Australia Network

Mr Michael Bamfield, Member

Monash University

Professor Denise Cuthbert, Professor of Sociology

Professor Marian Quartly – Private capacity

History of Adoption Project

Professor Shurlee Swain, Chief Investigator

MacKillop Family Services

Ms Jenny Glare, Manager, Heritage and Information Service

Ms Brenda Coughlan – Private capacity

Women's Electoral Lobby Australia

Dr Kathleen MacDermott, Member, Victoria Executive


Ms Lily Arthur, Coordinator, Origins Inc.
Ms Alexandra Bird, Private capacity
Ms Spring Blossom, Private capacity
Ms Susan Bryce, Private capacity
Ms Isabell Collins, Private capacity
Ms Leonie Horin, Private capacity
Mrs Dorothy Kowalski, Treasurer, ARMS (VIC) Inc
Mr Roy Legro, Private capacity
Ms Kim Menta, Private capacity
Mrs Pru Murphy, Private capacity
Mrs Marilyn Murphy/Webse, Private capacity
Ms Lynnette Newington, Private capacity
Mrs Catherine O'Dwyer, Convenor, ARMS (VIC) Inc.
Ms Charlotte Smith, Private capacity


Wednesday, 27 April 2012 – Brisbane


Ms Kathryn Rendell – Private capacity

Mrs Bernadette Wallman – Private capacity

Link-Up, Queensland

Dr Melisah Feeney, Chief Executive Officer
Miss Ruth Link, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Counsellor
Mrs Rosemary Rennie, Family Research Officer

Stolen Generations Alliance Inc

Ms Gillian Brannigan, National Coordinator
Mrs Rosemary Baird, Executive Secretary
Ms Leonie Pope, Convenor, SGA Adoption Subcommittee
Ms Heather Shearer, South Australian Aboriginal Delegate

Adoption Loss Adult Support (ALAS)

Miss Patricia Large, Co-Founder and Coordinator
Mrs Margaret Hamilton, Member
Mrs Therese Hawken, Member

White Australian Stolen Heritage

Ms Kerri Saint, Chair

Origins Queensland Inc

Ms Linda Bryant, Coordinator

Mr Matthew Cotterell – Private capacity

Ms Susan Treweek – Private capacity

Jigsaw Queensland Inc

Dr Trevor Jordan, President


Ms Angela Barra, Private capacity
Mrs Rhonda Grant, Private capacity
Ms Susan Kelly, Manager, Post Adoption Support, Queensland
Miss Patricia Large, Co-Founder and Coordinator, Adoption Loss Adult Support
Ms Julie Morgan-Thomas, Member, Origins
Mr William North, Private capacity
Ms Susan Treweek, Private capacity
Ms Aleisa Woodward, Private capacity


Friday, 29 April 2011 – Sydney


Mr Erik Spinney – Private capacity

Mrs Gabrielle McGuire – Private capacity

International Social Service Australia

Mr Damon Martin, Manager, New South Wales Office

The Benevolent Society

Ms Maree Walk, General Manager, Operations
Ms Sarah Fogg, Senior Policy Manager
Ms Janet Henegan, Team Leader, Post Adoption Resource Centre

Origins Inc

Mrs Lily Arthur, Coordinator
Mrs Lizzy Brew, Member
Ms Valerie Linow, Committee Member

DES Action Australia, New South Wales

Mrs Carol Devine, Coordinator

Apology Alliance

Ms Christine Cole, Convenor
Ms Cassandra Cooke, Secretary, Stolen White Generation
Ms Robin Turner, Member

Family Inclusion Network, New South Wales (FIN NSW)

Dr Frank Ainsworth, President
Dr Patricia Hanse, Secretary
Ms Meryanne Bonnici, Parent Member


Ms Kellie Beuganey, Private capacity
Mrs Allison Bosley, Private capacity
Ms Jennie Burrows, Private capacity
Mrs Louise Greenup, Private capacity
Mrs Christine Hamilton, Private capacity
Mrs Carol Helmrich, Member, Origins
Ms Hanet Henegan, Team leader, Post Adoption Resource Centre, The Benevolent Society
Ms Kate Howarth, Private capacity
Mrs Irene Knight, Private capacity
Ms Vikki Lewis, Private capacity
Ms Maureen Melville, Private capacity
Miss Gabrielle Mittermayer, Private capacity
Ms Heather Painter-Williams, Private capacity
Ms Therese Pearson, Member, Origins Newcastle
Mr Erik Spinney, Private capacity
Ms Kim Taylor, Private capacity
Ms Pamella Vernon, State Ward Representative, Origins, New South Wales Stae Representative, Alliance for Forgotten Australians


Thursday, 22 September 2011 – Canberra


Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Ms Cate McKenzie, Group Manager
Ms Helen Bedford, Branch Manager, Children's Policy
Ms Karen Wilson, Former Branch Manager, Children's Policy


Tuesday, 27 September 2011 – Canberra


Ms Marie Coleman PSM – Private capacity


Wednesday, 28 September 2011 – Canberra


Attorney-General's Department

Dr Albin Smrdel, First Assistant Secretary, Access to Justice Division
Ms Kerri-Ann Smith, Acting Assistant Secretary, Marriage and Intercountry Adoption Branch

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Dr Daryl Higgins, Deputy Director, Research

Dr Thomas Graham – Private capacity

Department of Social Work, James Cook University

Dr Susan Gair

Department of Health and Ageing

Mr Shane Porter, Assistant Secretary, Medicare Financing and Analysis Branch
Mr Alan Singh, Assistant Secretary Mental Health System Development Branch

National Archives of Australia

Dr Stephen Ellis, Acting Director-General

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Ms Joan Sheedy, Assistant Secretary, Privacy and FOI Policy Branch

Mrs Janice Kashin – Private capacity

Catholic Health Australia

Mr Martin Laverty, Chief Executive Officer


Mrs Lily Arthur, Coordinator, Origins Inc
Ms Gillian Brannigan, National Coordinator, Stolen Generation Alliance
Mrs Lizzy Brew, Secretary, Origins Inc
Ms Jennie Burrows, Private capacity
Ms Christine Cole, Private capacity
Ms Judith McPherson, Private capacity
Ms Robin Turner, Private capacity


Wednesday, 26 October 2011 – Adelaide


Family Voice Australia

Mr David D'Lima, State Officer
Mrs Roslyn Phillips, National Research Officer

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Ms Marsha Milliken, Group Manager, Income Support Group

Ms Christen Coralive – Private capacity

Ms Evelyn Robinson – Private capacity

National Council for Single Mothers and Their Children

Ms Terese Edwards, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Elspeth McInnes, Policy Advisor
Ms Kathryn Rendell, Member, Advisory Committee

Mrs Lorraine Hassett – Private capacity

Stolen Generations Alliance

Ms Heather Shearer, South Australian Aboriginal Delegate


Thursday, 15 December 2011 – Sydney


Dr Denise Nisbet Wallis – Private capacity


Ms Lily Arthur, Private capacity
Mrs Lizzy Brew, Private capacity
Ms Jennie Burrows, Private capacity
Ms Christine Cole, Private capacity
Ms Pauline Egan, Private capacity
Ms Jennifer Harman, Private capacity
Mr Mark Hartley, Private capacity
Ms Monica Jones, Private capacity
Mrs Gabrielle McGuire, Private capacity
Mr Michael O'Meara, Private capacity
Ms Loma Pincham, Private capacity
Ms Orla Shield, Private capacity
Mr Erik Spinney, Private capacity
Ms Robin Turner, Private capacity


Friday, 16 December 2011 – Hobart


Australian Association of Social Workers

Ms Carol Dorgelo, President

Salvation Army

Major Graeme McClimont, Divisional Commander, Tasmanian Division

Centacare Tasmania

Mrs Georgina McLagan, Principal Officer, Catholic Private Adoption Agency


Ms Cherry Blaskett, Private capacity
Mrs Robyn Cohen, Private capacity
Mrs Barbara Pendrey, Private capacity
Mrs Virginia Perry, Private capacity
Ms Margaret Singline, Private capacity

The Hon. Frances Bladel – Private capacity

Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services

Mr Timothy Vaatstra, Manager, Adoption and Permanency Services
Ms Jane Monaghan, Coordinator, Adoption Information Service


Mrs Christine Burke, Private capacity
Mr Murray Legro, Private capacity
Ms Jane Lunt, Psychologist, Relationships Australia
Miss Carolyn McGrath, Private capacity
Mrs Patricia MacPherson, Private capacity
Ms Isabel Morris, Private capacity
Ms Evelyn Mundy, Private capacity

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