Grasping the opportunity of Opal: Assessing the impact of the Petrol Sniffing Strategy

Grasping the opportunity of Opal: Assessing the impact of the Petrol Sniffing Strategy

19 March 2009

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 7KB)
Recommendations (PDF 1385KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 25KB)

Terms of reference
Conduct of the inquiry
   Central Australian Petrol Sniffing Strategy Unit
   Beyond petrol sniffing report 2006
   Eight Point Plan

Chapter 2 - Addressing petrol sniffing (PDF 118KB)

Declines in petrol sniffing
The rollout of Opal fuel
    Health risks of Opal fuel
    Opal fuel rollout in Alice Springs
The success of Opal fuel
    Opal is only part of the solution
Northern Territory Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Act
Services available for young people
    Northern Territory Integrated Youth Service
    South Australian programs
    Western Australian programs
    School holiday programs
    Other non-government services
Levels of policing
    Substance Abuse Intelligence Desk
    Developments on the APY Lands
Treatment and rehabilitation services
   Substance Misuse Facility in Amata
    Bushmob House in Alice Springs
    Adult rehabilitation facility in Alice Springs
Review of Indigenous Coordination Centres
National Inhalants Information Service
Levels of other substance abuse

Chapter 3 - Effectiveness of the Eight Point Plan (PDF 160KB)

   Independent review of the strategy
Effectiveness of the Eight Point Plan
    The role of CAPSSU
Consolidating the rollout of Opal fuel
    Mandating Opal fuel
    Contractors and the use of Opal fuel
    Central Australian exclusion zone
    Opal fuel supply in northern Australia
    Opal fuel in Yalata
    Premium fuel
    Mintabie, South Australia
Delivery of youth services
    Recruitment, retention and training of staff
    Integrating early childhood services
Consistent legislation
Policing levels
Strengthening and supporting communities
    Preventative drug education
Restorative justice

Chapter 4 - The effectiveness and adequacy of resources (PDF 79KB)

Adequacy of resources
   Youth services
Rehabilitation services
    Mt Theo Outstation
    Bushmob House
    Ilpurla Outstation
Tendering processes
Funding cycles and administrative burden
Adult education services for ex-sniffers
Resources for early childhood services and nutrition
Continued monitoring

Appendix 1 -List of public submissions, tabled documents and additional information authorised for publication by the Committee (PDF 12KB)
Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the Committee at public hearings (PDF 17KB)

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