Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

Monday, 29 October 2018 – Melbourne

Justice Connect

Ms Sue Woodward, Head, Not-for-profit Law

Ms Nadine Clode, Manager, Education and Advocacy, Not-for-profit

Law Council of Australia

Ms Alice Macdougall, Deputy Chair Charities and Not for Profits Committee

Philanthropy Australia

Ms Sarah Wickham, Policy and Research Manager

DF Mortimer & Associates

Mr Derek Mortimer, Principal


Ms Tania Burstin, Managing Director

Australian Red Cross Society

Mr Bruce Moore, General Counsel

Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group

Ms Delaine Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Peter Kempen, Chairman of the Board

Ms Bebe Beckerman, Philanthropy and Fundraising Manager

Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes

Dr Peter Thomas, Director of Policy and Operations

Law Institute of Victoria

Mr Alex Milner, Member, Charities & Not-for-profits Law Committee

Tuesday, 30 October 2018 – Sydney

Fundraising Institute Australia

Ms Katherine Raskob, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Scott McClellan, Executive Manager Code & Regulatory Affairs

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Ms Geraldine Magarey, Leader Research and Thought Leadership

Mr David Thomas, Policy and Thought Leadership Leader

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Dr Gary Johns, Commissioner

Australian Major Performing Arts Group

Ms Bethwyn Serow, Executive Director

Mrs Sarah Falzarano, Director of Finance, Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Mr John Scott, Company Secretary and Accountant, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

The Smith Family

Dr Lisa O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Anne Hampshire, Head of Research and Advocacy

Mills Oakley

Ms Vera Visevic, Partner

Mr John Vaughan-Williams, Lawyer

Cancer Council Australia

Mr Paul Grogan, Director, Public Policy and Knowledge Management

Mr Andrew Buchanan, Director of Fundraising at Cancer Council Victoria

Ms Lyndsey Rice, Director of Fundraising at Cancer Council NSW

Wednesday, 7 November 2018 – Canberra

Australian Council of Social Service

Mr John Mikelsons, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

Ms Nicole Stanmore, Director, Business Development, Engagement and Operations

Volunteering Australia

Ms Lavanya Kala, Policy Manager

Anglicare Australia

Ms Maiy Azize, Director of Media and Communications

Ms Kasy Chambers, Executive Director

Baptist Care Australia

Ms Marcia Balzer, Executive Director

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (Submission 50)

Mr Scott Gregson, Executive General Manager, Mergers and Authorisation Review Division

Mr Rami Greiss, Executive General Manager, Enforcement Division

NSW Fair Trading, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Ms Rose Webb, Deputy Secretary, Better Regulation Division

Ms Gabrielle Mangos, Director of Regulatory and National Reform

Community Council for Australia

Mr David Crosbie, CEO


Mr Michael Hardy, Assistant Commissioner, Aggressive Tax Planning

Mr Albert Beric, Client Engagement Director, Not for Profit Strategy


Ms Kate Lynch, Principal Adviser, Consumer and Corporations Policy Division, Markets Group

Mr Ian Lawrence, Manager, Consumer Policy Unit, Consumer and Corporations Policy Division, Markets Group

Mr Nicholas Berger-Thomson, Senior Adviser, Individuals and Indirect Tax Division, Revenue Group

Thursday, 31 January 2019 – Brisbane

Whipbird Consulting

Mr Paul Tavatgis, Director


Ms Tracy Adams, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Tracey Gillinder, Head of Marketing and Fundraising

Neumann & Turnour Lawyers

Dr Matthew Turnour, Chairman

The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology

Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes, Adjunct Professor

Private capacity

Mr Norman J. O'Bryan, AM SC

Private capacity

Dr Ted Flack

Public Fundraising Regulatory Association

Mr Peter Hills-Jones, Chief Executive

Responses to certain evidence given during public hearings

1          Correspondence from the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes–response to certain evidence given during a public hearing on 29 October 2018.

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