Report 144

Report 144: Treaty tabled on 14 July 2014

On Tuesday, 28 October 2014, the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties tabled Report 144: Treaty tabled on 14 July 2014; Agreement between Australia and Japan for an Economic Partnership.

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Preliminary pages
Membership of the Committee, Resolution of Appointment, List of abbreviations, List of Recommendations

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Purpose of the report, Conduct of the Committee's review

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Chapter 2: Background and overview
Trade agreements: Benefits of free trade agreements, Criticism of free trade agreements, Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement, Overview and national interest summary, Reasons for Australia to take the proposed treaty action: Agriculture, Exclusions, Energy, minerals and manufacturing, Services, Investment, Other, Key market access outcomes for Japan, Obligations, Implementation, Review Costs

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Chapter 3: Analysis
Introduction, Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement, Benefits, Multilateral v bilateral trade agreements, Competitive advantage, Investment, Review mechanisms, Issues, Non-tariff barriers, Demand for Australian resources, Regulatory complexity

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Chapter 4: Conclusion
Committee comment

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Appendix A: Submissions
Appendix C: Witnesses

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