Treaties being considered

The following Treaties were tabled on 13 May 2014:

Related documents: NIA and Consultation on FATCA (PDF 84KB)
Regulation Impact Statement (PDF 343KB)
Letters: not applicable

Coversheet (PDF 5KB)
KAFTA Chapter text (PDF 1.6MB)
Schedule of Tariff Commitments - Australia (Schedule to Annex 2A: Section A of Chapter 2) (PDF 6MB)
Schedule of Tariff Commitments - Korea (Schedule to Annex 2A: Section B of Chapter 2) (PDF 8.7MB)
Schedule of Product Specific Rules (Schedule to Annex 3A of Chapter 3) (PDF 4.5MB)
Annex I - Explanatory Notes (PDF 79KB)
Annex I - Schedule of Australia (PDF 285KB)
Annex I - Schedule of Korea (PDF 390KB)
Annex II - Explanatory Notes (PDF 75KB)
Annex II - Schedule of Australia (PDF 277KB)
Annex II - Schedule of Korea (PDF 359KB)
Annex III - Schedule of Australia (PDF 194KB)
Annex III - Schedule of Korea (PDF 263KB)
Side Letter - UNCITRAL transparency rules (PDF 238KB)
Side Letter - Telecommunications (PDF 162KB)
Side Letter - Services and Investment (PDF 252KB)
Side Letter - Gambling and Betting Services (PDF 239KB)

Related documents: NIA and Consultation on KAFTA (PDF 84KB)
Regulation Impact Statement (PDF 707KB)
Letters: not applicable

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About this inquiry

Two treaties are under consideration:

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30 Jul 2014: Brisbane
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