The Prudential Regulation of Investment in Australia's Export Industries

December 2021

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ISBN: 978-1-76092-302-0

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  Committee Secretariat

Terms of Reference

List of Recommendations

1. Introduction

  About the inquiry

2. Prudential regulation and Australia's export industries

  International prudential guidance on climate change
  Australian exports and investments
  Committee comment

3. Access to financial services for Australia's export industries

  Access to finance and banking services
  Insurance of export industries
  Role of Government in increasing access to financial services
  Activist pressure
  Committee comment

4. Investment in Australia's export industries

  An international focus on climate-related investment risks
  Superannuation investment
  Responsibilities of directors, trustees and fund managers
  Impact of changing investment trends on Australia’s exports
  Committee comment

A. Submissions

B. Exhibits

C. Public Hearings

Labor members' Dissenting Report

Australian Greens Dissenting Report

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