Completed inquiries and reports

Report Name Date Tabled
Australia's Trade and Investment opportunities in a global green economy
Date of Government response: No response to date

11 October 2023

Interim Report: Inquiry into the Australian Government's approach to negotiating trade and investment agreements
Date of Government response: No response to date

6 February 2024

Report Name Date Tabled

The Prudential Regulation of Investment in Australia's Export Industries


17 December 2021 

Diversify Australia's Trade and Investment Profile

Parliamentary Paper: 92/2021

Government Response tabled 6 August 2021
17 March 2021

Supporting Australia's export and investment opportunities

Parliamentary Paper: 137/2020

Government Response tabled, 6 October 2020

10 June 2020
Report Name Date Tabled
Austrade's role in attracting investment in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 38/2019
Government Response: 6 September 2019
18 February 2019
Trade and the digital economy
Parliamentary Paper: 310/2018
Government Response: 28 November 2019
 20 September 2018
Leveraging our advantages - The trade relationship between Australia and Indonesia
Parliamentary Paper: 204/2017
Government Response: 27 March 2018
19 June 2017

Joint Select Committee on Trade and Investment Growth

Report Name Date Tabled
Report on the Inquiry Australia's Future in Research and Innovation
Parliamentary Paper: 192/2016
3 May 2016
Report on the Inquiry into Business Utilisation of Australia’s Free Trade Agreements
Parliamentary Paper: 280/2015
15 October 2015