Completed inquiries and reports

Reports will be made available here when they are presented.
Report Name Date Tabled

The Prudential Regulation of Investment in Australia's Export Industries

17 December 2021 

Diversify Australia's Trade and Investment Profile
Parliamentary Paper: 92/2021

17 March 2021

Supporting Australia's export and investment opportunities
Parliamentary Paper: 137/2020
Government Response tabled, 6 October 2020

10 June 2020
Report Name Date Tabled
Austrade's role in attracting investment in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 38/2019
Government Response: 6 September 2019
18 February 2019
Trade and the digital economy
Parliamentary Paper: 310/2018
Government Response: 28 November 2019
 20 September 2018
Leveraging our advantages - The trade relationship between Australia and Indonesia
Parliamentary Paper: 204/2017
Government Response: 27 March 2018
19 June 2017

Joint Select Committee on Trade and Investment Growth

Report Name Date Tabled
Report on the Inquiry Australia's Future in Research and Innovation
Parliamentary Paper: 192/2016
3 May 2016
Report on the Inquiry into Business Utilisation of Australia’s Free Trade Agreements
Parliamentary Paper: 280/2015
15 October 2015